Creating a social post

Social posts are the backbone of all successful content marketing strategies. ContentStudio makes sure that you are able to post to your favourite channels with ease. 

Follow the below steps to create eye-catching social posts.


Navigate to create a social post by clicking on the Publish->Compose button in the top header of your ContentStudio account. 

Click on Social Media Post.


In the editor, you have to first select the social media channels where you want this post to publish. All the channels added to your current workspace will be shown to you. The channels you select will be highlighted and will stand out from others. See the image below for reference.

You can make your posts more expressive by uploading images from your local system. With Adobe’s photo editor, you can further edit your image and save it for your post.

We provide you with a facility to draw an image right when you get a fresh idea. We have integrated a drawing tool Pixie Editor that lets you draw an image using its advanced features.

Add Hashtags

In the editor, you can also create new hashtags for your posts to help your viewers find you quickly by searching for those keywords. You can also select from your already saved hashtags and append them to your posts.

Add Replug CTA

With each of your social media posts, you can invite your audience towards your sales, deals, promotions, or offers via a call to action. All your CTAs created in your connected Replug account is fetched against your selected brands and campaigns.


You can create a UTM on the run-time by selecting the URL, Campaign Name, and the Campaign Medium that you want to track; or add an existing tracker to your post.


The right corner of your screen has a toolbar that contains the Content.

The assistant is the quickest way to curate content. You can simply search the web using a specific keyword that suits your content strategy. The search returns content relevant to the keyword. You can then sort this content w.r.t trending score, time and location. Once you have shortlisted your desired content, just drag and drop this article to the composer section.


Once you have created the post and set all the parameters you can see its live preview. The preview shows how your post will look once it is posted.


You can now choose when to publish your post and the nature of its automation. You have four options to choose from  Post Now, Schedule, Add to Queue, and Add to Evergreen Queue. 

Choose the appropriate option to publish or schedule your content. Each of these options is explained separately in other articles. 

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