Creating a social post

Part 1: Editor

Social posts are the backbone of all successful content marketing strategies. ContentStudio makes sure that you are able to post to your favourite channels with ease. 

Follow the steps below to create eye-catching social posts.


Navigate to create a social post by clicking on the Publish->Compose button in the top header of your ContentStudio account. 

Click on Social Media Post.

You can start editing the main body of the post here. The options below will explain each feature that you can use to create your post.

a) You first get an option to choose a Content Category that you have already created. If you don't, you can click here to learn how.

b) Next, you have to select the social media channels where you want this post to publish. All the channels connected to your current workspace will be shown to you. The channels you select will be highlighted and will stand out from others. See the image below for reference.

c) This is the Text Editor, here you can add the main description to your post. If you add external links here, the editor will turn it into a post, and you can use the AI Caption Generation feature to automatically create a caption for your post. Click here to learn more.

Add Image

Click on the 'picture icon' to upload an image directly to the post

Add Video

Click on the 'video camera icon' to upload a video directly to the post

Add File

Click on the 'folder icon' to add media via our Media Library or upload from other sources

Add Hashtags

In the editor, you can create new hashtags for your posts to help your viewers find you quickly by searching for those keywords. You can also select from your already saved hashtags and append them to your posts. Just click on '#' to do bring up these options.

Add Replug CTA

With each of your social media posts, you can invite your audience towards your sales, deals, promotions, or offers via a CTA or call-to-action option. All CTAs created in your connected Replug account is fetched against your selected brands and campaigns. Just click on this icon to add your CTA's to the post.


You can create a UTM on the run-time by selecting the URL, Campaign Name, and the Campaign Medium that you want to track; or add an existing tracker to your post.


In the editor, you directly add or edit images using our Canva integration. Clicking on this will bring up a drop-down menu providing you with a  Design type set for each Social Platform.


In the editor, you can also use our crello integration to edit or add images, templates, and so on. Clicking on this will bring up a drop-down menu with a Design type set for each Social Platform. You can also sign in to your crello account by clicking on any Design type and then clicking on the sign-in option shown in the image below


The right corner of your screen has a toolbar that contains the Content.

The assistant is the quickest way to curate content. You can simply search the web using a specific keyword that suits your content strategy. The search returns content relevant to the keyword. You can then sort this content w.r.t trending score, time and location. Once you have shortlisted your desired content, just drag and drop this article to the composer section.

You can also set Tasks for Teammates, Add Comments to the Post for team members to read, Set Activities to the post and assign team members to it, and Preview your post.

  Part 2: Schedule & Post


Once you are done with part 1, you can see your posts' live preview. The PREVIEW option in the right pane shows how your post will look on both Mobile and Desktop once it is posted.


You can now choose when to publish your post. You have four options to choose from  Post Now, Schedule, Add to Queue, and Add to Evergreen Queue. 

Post Now: Publish the Post right away

Schedule: Set a Date and Time for this post to get Published

Add to Queue: Add this post to your Social Queue, click here to learn more

Add to Content Category: Add this post to your Content Category queue, click here to learn more

Draft: Click on this if you want to Draft this post for later use

If you selected Post Now or Schedule, you will get the option to repeat this post. If you wish to do so, set Repeat to decide the number of repetitions this post will have, and set With the interval of to decide the time between each repetition (the time span can be in Hour(s), Day(s). Week(s). or Month(s)).

Finally, you can Publish, Schedule, Add to Queue, Add to Content Category, or Draft the post based on your choice in step 2. Furthermore, if this post needs to be approved before getting published, make sure you  check the Needs Approval option.

That is all. Now that you have learned how to create Social Posts using Content Studio, check out how to create blog posts as well by clicking here.

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