Getting started with Media Library

The Media Library lets you upload and organize your rich media assets into ContentStudios' database.

Along with the other various upload options in the Media Library, finally, Content Studio allows you to Integrate Dropbox and Google drive.

To learn your way around it follow the steps and information below.

Navigate to the Media Library section. Go to Publish->Media Library
First, start with uploading your files. To do that, click on Upload Now

Click on Add Files, and upload the files you wish to add, and then click on Upload.

How to Create a Folder

Creating a folder in Media Library is simple. Just click on the '+' icon and name the folder as needed. Your folder should appear on the left side of the screen.

How to move files to folders

Simply drag any file and drop it to the folder you wish to relocate it to.

Or, if there are multiple files then first check the files you want to relocate and then drag them into the folder.

How to add Subfolders

Just click on the 3 dots next to the folder and you will see a set of options, click on Add Sub Folder. Then just write the name and click on Create Sub Folder.

Your subfolder can be seen by clicking the down arrow on the folder that you created it in

Searching, Filtering & Sorting

You can manage your Media Library by using 3 managerial tools: Search, Filter, & Sort. To search for a particular file, simply click in the search bar and type in the keywords

Or filter out only Images or Videos

And sort your results based on alphabetical order, when they were uploaded, and file size.

That's it, you have learned how to fully utilise your Media Library.

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