How to post to Pinterest via Direct API

Here's a quick video to post to Pinterest via Direct API

With access to Pinterests' Direct API, posting to your Pinterest Board(s) via ContentStudio is straightforward and easy. Follow the steps below to successfully post to your Pinterest board(s).

Step 1: Start the post Composer

Go to Publish->Compose->Social Media Post to start composing a post to your Social Media Account.

Step 2: Prepare your post body


i) In the composer, select the Pinterest board(s) you wish to post to

ii) Use the text editor box to type in the Pin description for your post

iii) If you have a Source URL for Pinterest, you can add it here. 

Note: Clicking on Shrink will shorten the Link based on your Link Shortening app that is already connected to your ContentStudio account.

iv) Add your desired media file that you wish to post. 

Note: Pinterest direct API only allows a single image file.

v) Preview your post from the right pane by clicking on the Preview tab. You can select whether to preview the post as it will be seen in the Mobile App or on your Desktop.

Once you are satisfied with your post, you can proceed to the next step, Scheduling & Posting.

Step 3:  Scheduling & Posting


i) Here, you can set your post to either Post Now, Schedule, Add To Queue, Add to Content Category, or Draft. Click here to learn more.

ii) Finalize your post by clicking on the blue button. This button will read one of the following: Post Now, Schedule, Add to Queue, Add to Content Category, or Save as Draft. This depends on the option you select in Step 3 part (i)

Congratulations, you have successfully posted to your Pinterest board(s). To double-check if your post has gone through, you can

a) Check it from the planner. Go to Publish->Planner, and you should see your post as shown in the image below

b) or you can go to your Pinterest Board and check if your post has been published

To learn more about creating Social Posts, click here

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