How to create Threaded Tweets on Twitter using Content Studio

Here's a quick video tutorial to create threaded Tweets.

A Twitter thread is a set of Tweets by the same user, numbered and linked one after the other. With the help of a Twitter thread, you can expand on a topic that can't be written in 280 characters or less. Now you can add up to 25 threaded Tweets giving you 7000 extra characters to write your posts.

Here's how to make a Twitter thread using Content Studio:

  1. From the composer section, select your Twitter profile and type in your main Tweet to compose your posts.

  2. Enable the ''Add threaded Tweets'' toggle as shown in the image below.

 3. Threaded Tweet Composer Explained

Here is the overview of the features that you can use while creating a Threaded Tweet:

A. You can On/Off Twitter Toggle thread as shown in the above image 

B. Add  images to make your content more appealing from the composer section.

C. You can also add  videos to your Threaded Tweets.

D. If you wish to choose images or videos from the Media Library or from other sources you can use the Media Library option.

E. Increase engagement by adding  hashtags in your Threaded Tweets.

F.  You can also boost your threaded Tweets by  adding emojis as well from the composer section.

G. Create  another threaded Tweet by clicking on the + icon as shown in the image.

H. The profile icon on the top right corner will show you the Twitter profile to post the thread on.

I. The  hashtag count in the composer section will show you the total number of hashtags in the Tweet.

J. From the  characters left option you can see the number of characters in the Tweet.

4. Here is the complete overview of how  Threaded Tweet composer will look like. (see the image below)

5. The post preview will look something like as shown in the image below:

Here's a gif to make it easy for you:

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