Schedule your Instagram stories via direct publishing

Now you can publish your Instagram stories with a direct publishing option. Here are some guidelines to help you understand how to publish posts through Content Studio

But you can still use the push notification method:

1- Login to your ContentStudio account.

2- Hover over 'Composer' in the navigation bar and select 'Social post' from the drop menu. 

3- Now select your Instagram account from the left panel.

4- Once you selected the account, compose your post by adding your content, image, or video 

5- Select the publish as and post type options from Instagram settings.

Story Post Requirements
  • Only one image or video should be included in the post. 
  • The duration of any video content should fall within the range of 4 to 60 seconds. It is recommended to maintain an aspect ratio of 9:16.

6- Now select the scheduling option and click on a post now.

7- That's all your stories will post on the selected Instagram account.

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