How to use TikTok Grid View in ContentStudio

Level up your Instagram game with ContentStudio's powerful Grid View! πŸ‘ This handy tool helps you craft a visually stunning and engaging feed that is easy to manage in an organized way. It is a revolutionary planner that goes beyond the ordinary. This feature on our platform empowers you with a comprehensive view of your TikTok posts.

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Navigating the Grid

  • Head to Planner and click the TikTok iconπŸ’₯


βœ… The Grid view displays posts created from both ContentStudio and directly from the TikTok Native app

βœ… Grid View focuses on only one TikTok account at a time.

βœ… It shows the 100 most recent TikTok posts.

βœ… For new users (linking their TikTok with Content Studio), it shows the recent 100 posts published on TikTok.

βœ… For existing users, it shows the recent 100 posts published on TikTok, plus the posts created through ContentStudio

Understanding Grid View

Grid View Pane

It consists of two panes: Feed Pane and Self Only.

  • Feed Pane (Right): It showcases all the feeds you have made public, viewable by the public and your mutual friends πŸ€—.
  • Self-Only Pane (Left):  It exclusively displays content with restricted viewership set as self-only.

You can quickly filter your TikTok posts in the Grid View to locate what you want. These handy filters allow you to distinguish between video statuses effortlessly.

    • In Progress
    • Scheduled
    • Published
    • Partially Failed
    • Failed
    • Rejected
    • In Review
    • Missed Review
    • Draft

When you choose the 'partially failed' status and select a TikTok account, the system displays posts that either failed or were published on the chosen TikTok account but failed on any other platforms

  • Moreover, you can easily view post statuses by looking at the post status icon on the grid view.

Posts without icons are directly created on TikTok.

  • The right panel contains a detailed view of the posting statuses, including Day, Date, Time, and post status.
  • Click the three dots on any post for additional options, like in the Planner list view.

  • The "Published and Deleted" status indicates videos originally published through Content Studio but later deleted on TikTok.

  • Clicking on the post will open the post details. From here, you can also check the post status to see which post failed to deliver to which social media profile.

Drag Drop posts

In the grid view, you can use drag-and-drop functionality to reschedule posts, thereby facilitating the adjustment of post dates. It's important to note that this feature is available exclusively for posts in draft, scheduled, and in-review statuses.


  1. Can I edit a post using the TikTok Grid view?
    • Yes, Navigate to the right panel, click on the three dots of the relevant post, and click the edit icon. If a post is published, you cannot edit it.
  2. Can I filter by more than one criterion at a time?
    • The Grid View's powerful filters allow you to combine multiple criteria to narrow down your search.
  3. Does Grid View automatically update with new posts?
    • Yes, Grid View automatically updates with any changes you make to your planned posts.
  4. What happens if I delete a published post from Grid View?
    • If a published post is deleted from the Grid View, it will only be deleted from the Grid View, not from the TikTok app.

That's all about TikTok Grid View 😊

Happy TikToking!! 🀩

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