AI Toolkit and Composer changes

Introducing a one-stop shop for your favorite AI tools in one convenient location. Access AI writing, caption, image, and hashtag generators to simplify your work and boost your creativity.

  1. AI Chat and other AI toolkits (AI caption generator, AI image generator, AI hashtag generator) have been merged and are now shown on the top right.
    1. The “Chat AI” label is changed to “AI Writing Assistant” across applications.
    2. Clicking on any of the options will open up the existing workflow for each option.
  2. Three icons (campaign, label, and member) from the right panel have been moved to the post-composer header.
    1. The copy URL icon has been changed and shown with the above three icons.
  3. The customized content option has moved to the right.
  4. The “Saved a few seconds ago” message has been moved under the “Post Composer” heading.

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