How to Use ContentStudio's AI Chat Assistant

ContentStudio AI assistant is a smarter chat to help you create better content faster. It is designed to help users engage in conversations with the AI, enabling them to get information, support, or perform specific actions without requiring manual inputs or extensive human intervention. It will help you ✍️rewrite, 📚summarize, shorten,📏expand, and 🧠improve your content.

Here, we will guide you through the features and functionalities of ContentStudio's AI Chat Assistant.

Overview of the guide

  1. Accessing the Chat AI Assistant
  2. Starting a Conversation 🗨️
  3. Chat Credit 💲
  4. Chat History 📜
  5. Starting a New Chat 🆕
  6. Using Predefined Prompts Library
  7. Custom Prompts
  8. Maintaining Conversation History📜

1. Accessing the Chat AI Assistant

➡️From the dashboard, go to the bottom right corner to find the Chat AI assistant

➡️A chat window or interface will appear, allowing you to type your messages.

2. Starting a Conversation

➡️Begin by typing a message or a question in the chat window. You can also choose Quick prompts to make your content more engaging and well-written.

  • If you want to write more about that specific topic, you can click on Continue writing 
  • You can also summarize the rewritten content
  • You can use these quick prompts if you wish to shorten, rewrite, expand, and improve the content.
  • You can also make your content more formal or friendly according to your requirements.

➡️On the top of the chat window, you can see;

  • ⬛Expand: Clicking on this will expand the size of the chat window.

3. Chat Credit

  • Clicking on chat credit will show you the amount of words consumed and the remaining limit available.
  • The super admin subscribes to this limit, and all team members can consume it.

4. Chat History

📜Contentstudio's Chat AI Assistant allows you to maintain a conversation history. This way, you can never lose track of your conversations. You can scroll through previous messages to review information or continue the conversation seamlessly. To view the chat history, you should click on the new chat.

5. New Chat

🗨️Sometimes, you may want to start fresh with a new conversation. Moving to a different context allows you to start your conversation again and keep the previous one in history.

➡️ ➖Minimize: You can always minimize the AI chat window 

6. Predefined prompts library

➡️If unsure what to ask, the Chat AI Assistant may offer predefined prompts library or suggestions. Click on the Prompts button, and it will show you a list of available prompts. These prompts can help you get started or find common topics.

Some of the Prompts are:

  • Blog ideas and titles
  • Full blog generator
  • Blog section completer
  • Summarize
  • Social media post caption
  • Tweet ideas
  • Continue writing
  • Pros and cons list

➡️ If you have any specific prompt in your mind, you can always search from the above search option in the chat window. It will give you different variations to choose from as shown in the below screenshot.

7. Custom Prompts

➡️Right below the search bar, you can see the option to create custom prompts. 

While the availability of platform-specific templates keeps you focused on creating tailored content for each social media platform, there are moments when you are looking to do some unrestricted and open-ended brainstorming or post-creation.

Here's how you can achieve that with the AI chat Assistant:

  • Enter your prompt Title and description based on your specific needs and click the save button. It will save your prompt to the list of already written prompts.

  • You can always edit or delete your prompt later.


➡️The AI chat assistant is workspace-specific; conversations with the assistant in one workspace will not be accessible in other workspaces.

➡️The AI chat assistant's conversations are private to each user. No other team members or users can view your chats with the assistant. Your conversations remain confidential.

➡️You can use the AI chat assistant across the platform, for example, inbox, composer, planner, etc.

8. How to write blog posts with AI

➡️ It's doesn't end here. Writing high-quality blog content takes time, but AI tools like Content Studio's AI Blog Assistant speed up the process. This AI assistant allows you to generate complete blog posts in minutes using predefined templates. All you need to do is select a template for the type of post you want to create and input key details. The AI will automatically generate engaging blog post content for you. The templates provide a framework while the AI handles the heavy lifting of writing the post. This makes it easy to quickly create well-written blogs with unique insights without staring at a blank page. With Content Studio's AI Blog Assistant, you can draft posts that connect with readers in a fraction of the usual time.

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