ContentStudio empathizes with their end-users and in order to address their pain points, some unique features have been introduced using which you can organize your tasks in a more organized manner.

Do you want to know about ContentStudio’s Secret sauce?

ContentStudio provides accessibility in your social media activities with discrete  Workspaces

A workspace is a perfect part of the ContentStudio in which the staff, group, and team members can easily collaborate and communicate with the team. They can examine and handle the content, social accounts, and campaigns more effectively than before. And you, being the administrator, can easily lead and control various operations in a single place in a more appropriate and effective way.

ContentStudio helps you improve results more than you expect

If you have more than one brands then you can easily make various workspaces for your brand. The best thing which ContentStudio presents you is that you can add related information about your brand and clients in that workspace.

If you have more than one workspaces added to the platform. Then there is one workspace that will be set as default automatically, meaning when the user logs into ContentStudio, they can preview all the relevant content of the workspace which is set as default. 

Users are authorized to set a default workspace. By doing that, you do not have to select a workspace every time you navigate to the dashboard. 

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