Adding team members/clients to a workspace

Team members are the most important part of any organization. Different people from different regions contribute to improving the productivity of an organization. Here are some instructions which define how to add Team Members to create a team.

Connect with your account

To add team members to your workspace, the first thing you need to do is log into your ContentStudio account. Moving forward, you have two ways to go to the Team members section. 


Go to the  Settings and click on Your Profile. After that, on the left middle side. Click on the Team members located under the Workspace Settings heading.


You can also go to the Settings and click on the Team member from the drop-down menu.

Invite Team members to a Workspace

Now, You'll see a workspace setting where you can add members for handling workspaces more effectively. 


Click on Add button.


After clicking on it, a pop-up will appear on your screen which requires basic data of the team member. That pop-up contains the member's  First name, Last name, Email Address, and the Member Role Address.

Update/ Remove Team member

If someone wants to remove a team member from the workspace or update the basic detail, then you can do it in a single minute. Have a look here.

ContentStudio has two icons


From this Pencil icon, you can update your member's basic detail whenever you want.


This  Cross icon helps you delete or remove the team member from your workspace.

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