How to add First Comment to your post?

With the First Comment feature, you can schedule the first comment for your social posts on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, & LinkedIn.

This feature will increase the reach of your posts while keeping your captions relevant, focused, and to the point. 

Important Details & Limitations:

The First Comment feature is so far only available for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Stay tuned for more additions!!


  • Instagram First Comment is only available for Instagram Business Profiles and Facebook
  • Only available for Auto Publish posts - it is essential you select "Instagram API" while composing a post.
  • Only a total of 30 hashtags can be used in the post caption and first comment. 
  • While posting hashtags, please consider Instagram community guidelines.


  • For Facebook, you can add first-comment for all types of posts that are allowed (that means text, images, videos)
  • First-comment on Instagram is only supported for single-image and single-video posts (through Instagram API.)


  • Available for all videos except 'Private' and 'Made for Kids'. (YouTube does not allow comments on Private videos and automatically disables comments on 'Made for Kids' videos). 


  • Available for both LinkedIn Profile and Page.

Scheduling the First Comment: 

1. To make a Social Media Post, click on the Composer located on the top right of your screen. 

2. Next, start filling out relevant sections:

Select the social account you want to post to. (Select only those supported, check the yellow notice at the top)

Add a meaningful caption and an attractive visual to go along.

3. Tap Add First Comment.

Tip: To save time, you can use Saved Hashtags to add relevant hashtags to your first comment by clicking on '#'.

4. Very Important: Set the publishing method to API for the channel you have selected, the First Comment feature is only supported with API integrations.

5. Select the publishing time and press Post Now/Schedule! 

Hope this helps, let us know if you're still having problems, and we'll help you out!

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