How to post through Instagram API?

Instagram has officially accepted our request for API access for content scheduling and publishing to their platform!

  • You can only directly post single-image and single-video posts with this API without the need for push notification.
  • If you are planning to post Carousels, IGTV, Reels, or Stories, you’ll have to install our mobile app to use the mobile notification method.
  • Please follow these mandatory requirements to ensure the aspect ratio of your image and video matches.  

Please make sure to re-connect your Instagram social account to ContentStudio at least once so that the access token with the permissions are updated.

If you want to post single image and single video posts using the Instagram API, follow the following steps to connect to the API and start publishing posts directly using ContentStudio

Composing Post:

  1. Go to and Sign In to your account.

  2. Hover over the "Publish" in the top navigation bar and select "Composer".
  3. On the next screen, click on the "Social Media Post".
  4. Select the Instagram business account you wish to post to.
  5. Compose your post.
  6. Note: You still need to post Stories, multiple images (carousels) through Push notification method.  
  7. You can upload an image or a video that you would like to post, following these mandatory requirements.

For the Instagram publishing option, make sure that "Instagram API" is selected. In case that option is not clickable that could mean that the requirements mentioned above are not fulfilled.

7. You can publish your post now, or you may schedule it too. 


  • In case the image failed to post due to an error, you will see it mentioned under the "STATUS" in the Planner along with a description of the cause.

  • In case of a successful post, the status will be changed to "Published". 

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