Creating a draft post

The ability to create a draft post has strengthened the composer significantly in a way that you can compose blog posts and save them as a draft to review, edit or publish later. 

All the draft posts you create are kept to be edited later in the Publish section under creating new posts. 

You will see a list of draft posts along with their status, members that have written them, labels and actionable items (edit, delete and move) against them. You can also shortlist these drafts w.r.t the social profiles against which they were created, specific labels or keywords.

Creating a Draft post

The process for creating a blog post and creating a draft is same up until the distribute  part of the editor process. The steps are below.


Click on Publish in the top menu bar and then click on create a new post. 

Set an appropriate name for the post, optimize it for SEO and move onto distributing as shown below.

You can only create drafts for Wordpress and Medium posts. Draft option for Tumblr is not available.

Select your blog platform e.g. Wordpress.

Select your Wordpress blog, select the profile through which you will be publishing 1.e. "Author" and assign an appropriate category to your blog if you have already created them in your Wordpress account. 


In the publish status option, check the draft and click "Add". Your post is saved as a draft and is available to you for editing in the future. 

Draft Wordpress posts will not be shared on secondary & social media channels.

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