How to curate quotes via ContentStudio

Quotes are a great way to express sentiments. They embody thought authenticity and graphics. Personal and business social accounts are stormed with quotes, some even sharing them on a daily basis.

ContentStudio has massively increased the database of curated quotes. Following is the process of curating topics via


Click on Discovery from the top menu bar and navigate to quotes as shown in the image below.

Shortlist the quote which you like and just click on the share icon to publish it across social media platforms as shown as shown in the image above.

Once you click on Share the following window pops up.

Select the social channels on which you want to share this quote. You can then select to either immediately post it, schedule it for later, add to a queue add to an evergreen queue.

You can choose to share this quote multiple time in the future with discrete intervals. You can choose days, weeks or months as the interval between each posting. The posting schedule will be shown under the heading Post timing. When you are happy with the settings, click on Post Now to share quotes with your readers.
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