How to Update the Queue Time

While composing and sharing a blog and social posts, you get the option to add these posts to a queue. This queue is represented in a calendar form. 

This visual representation of your publishing schedule allows you to have a bird's eye view of all posts you have planned.

Updating Queue Time

Queues work sequentially. Updating queue time means that if you choose not to publish any post on a particular day and update the queue, the post for that day will be scheduled for the next day and so on so forth. This means that all posts will be pushed one day.

To update queue time follow the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1Locate Social Accounts

Click on Settings located in the top right corner of your screen. Then click Social Accounts as shown below.

Step 2Update the queue

Each social account has its own queue. Identify the social account the queue of which you wish to update and press 'Change Queue Schedule'.

This will show you all the posts scheduled for that particular account in the current week.

Step 3Schedule the queue

Let us take an example. Consider the following posting schedule.

This shows you all the content/ posts scheduled for the current week. Now consider today is Monday, and you do not feel like posting on Tuesday. So you uncheck Tuesday's schedule as shown below.

Now press update. What this will do is publish the first post of Tuesday (10:00) on the first time slot of Wednesday (13:00). The second post scheduled on Tuesday (21:53) will be scheduled for Wednesday (15:00), and the third post for Tuesday (23:00) will be posted on Thursday (03:45) time slot. 

This is how the updating queue progresses.

Updating the Queue function is specific to a Workspace. Updating the queue for a social account in one workspace will not affect the same account in another workspace.

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