Overview of Analytics

The analytics overview section gives in-depth insights into the overall engagement statistics. This gives a wholesome understanding of your social engagement against attributes such as posts, shares, likes, comments. You can set a custom date range to see the data of a specific period. 

On the top, you will see data such as Total posts, reactions, reports, and comments of all the social channels combined. 

In this article, we'll cover the following topics:

  1. Engagement vs Total Posts Published 
  2. Engagement Rollup
  3. Top Posts Statistics
  4. Accounts Performance Metrics
  5. Overall Social Engagement

Engagement Vs total posts published 

This graph is the result of 5 different attributes all combined into one elegant graph. 4 elements are plotted along the X-axis and 1 along Y.

They are the aggregated engagement results of all social channels unified to give you a wholesome understanding of your social strategy.

The ones along X-axis are, Comments, Reposts, Likes, and Posts Published. These are easily recognizable by their unique color. The appendix of which is also shown.

Engagement roll-up

This includes total engagement, average engagement, and posts sent. This allows you to evaluate the overall performance of your social media channels over time.

You can compare this data set with the one recorded in the previous time duration to have a comparative analysis.

Top Posts Statistics

This section shows you the top-performing posts amongst all social media channels. This information is very handy as you can then recreate the nature and content of the top posts to create a viral pattern.

Not only the overall top post is shown but you can also view the best content from each individual channel just by selecting the social tab.

Account Performance Metrics

These metrics show the individual engagement categorized according to each social channel. Not only that you can see the performance of every page, group, and board connect with your ContentStudio account.

For example, the Facebook metrics will show reactions, shares, and comments against each page and group you are admin of.

Similarly, LinkedIn will tell comments and favorites, Twitter will show Retweets and Favorites. This specific graph is helpful for people managing multiple pages, accounts, and clients. 

Overall Social Engagement

These pie charts show the overall performance of individual social channels including all pages and groups associated with your account. 

These charts will help you identify, set and measure performance goals. By stacking the stats against the graphs generated for a previously set period of time you can see a rise or fall in the engagement numbers. 

Note: All the statistics in the overview section are shown against the custom time range you set at the top. 

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