Creating Branded Reports for Social Analytics

ContentStudio's analytics section empowers you to create detailed reports for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You can export your reports in the following formats.

  1. Export as PDF
  2. Send PDF
  3. Schedule PDF

This is not only useful in record-keeping and measurement but also disseminating necessary statistics to designated people. 

The reporting hub not only allows you to create branded reports but also schedule them to be automatically sent to specified people using their email address.

The reports can be generated by clicking on the export button in the top right corner. 

Clicking on the blue export button you will see a drop-down menu. Let's explore the options of this menu.

Export as PDF

This option directly downloads a branded report in the download folder of your PC. The report will contain analytics statistics of the particular section for which you have generated the report whether it be Overview, Facebook, etc. 

Send PDF

The send PDF allows you to send the branded report to 25 different people by entering their email. You can separate the email using a comma.

Schedule PDF

This option will automate the report generation and distribution for you. Now you can pre-set the date and recipients who will receive the reports.

Set an appropriate name for the reports campaign. Here you have two options. Either you can send weekly reports sent out every Monday, or Monthly reports sent out on the 2nd of each month.

Remember that the scheduled report will be compiled for the last period e.g. choosing weekly will compile the report from the data of the previous week. Similarly choosing monthly will compile reports of the previous month.

You can also access the scheduled reports and previously downloaded reports from the left-hand panel of the analytics section as shown below. 

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