How to Share Articles from Feeds

You can share your personal feed content from the  feeds section on your social channels with the ContentStudio. 

Follow these steps to publish your personal content from Feed.


  Navigate to Feeds 

Feeds is located on your homepage in the top left corner of the screen.


  Select a Post that you want to Share

From a list of trending articles in the Feed, select a post that you want to share. Click on the "Share" and select "Social Media".


  Select the social platforms where you want to share your post.

Select one or multiple social media platforms.


  Schedule the post.

There are many options on how to do this. You can also Select the  Content Category and select the field accordingly. 

 Conversely, you can also manually select the time and date you want the post to be scheduled. 

In this way, you can share the content on your social channels.  

Here's a gif to simplify matters:

Note: This feature is developed to get your personal feeds to your social channels.

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