How to Create an RSS feed for YouTube

You can add a YouTube RSS feed to your ContentStudio account. This feed can be used in either the Feeds section or RSS Automation Campaign

Method 1: Creating Youtube RSS feed through OPML file:

If you want to create an RSS feed for  more than one Youtube Channel, follow these steps:

Log in to your YouTube account. 
Go to YouTube's Subscription Manager.

Scroll down to the end of the YouTube Page, and click on Export Subscriptions.

This downloads a special OPML file. Now you can import this file into your ContentStudio RSS feed reader and the content of your favorite channels will be synced directly there!
To add this file to Feeds, click on Feeds located on the top left corner of the website.

Click on the desired feed in your workspace.

Add sources by clicking on Import OPML. 

This lets you add YouTube channel feed to your Feed!

Now you can share that video to your social media channels directly from Feeds! 

Method 2: Creating YouTube RSS feed for Playlist

Similarly, you can also create an RSS feed for YouTube playlists. Here's how:

If you need to create a YouTube RSS feed for a playlist, you need to know its ID number. 

The ID number of any video is its URL after =

For instance, the ID for this particular playlist would be PLHb9_YpIV8vnAI8tOj4LZfLPs2vxinW84. (Copy URL after =)

Now, let's build the actual feed URL. Here's the format for this:

Add the ID of your playlist to the end of RSS reader. Like:

Proceed to add this URL to your Feeds, or in RSS automation campaigns.

Method 3: Creating YouTube RSS feed for Channel

Here are steps below to find any YouTube channel RSS Feed URL: 

Go to the YouTube channel and copy the YouTube channel ID. This will be the text after
For instance: the ID for ContentStudio's channel will be:  UC1KvOJONTXQBNDxbc1Uj0yw.

Open the YouTube Channel RSS Feed URL link:
Paste the YouTube channel ID after channel_id= in the YouTube Channel RSS Feed URL.

That's all! You now have RSS feed for a YouTube channel! Pretty simple, right?

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