How to Create an RSS feed for YouTube

You can add a YouTube RSS feed to your ContentStudio account. This feed can be used in either the Feeds section or RSS Automation Campaign

Method 1: Automation recipe for youtube using RSSURL

You can create an RSS automation for your preferred youtube channel following this method

Log in to your YouTube account. 
Go to your preferred Youtubers Homepage and right-click an empty place as encircled in redA drop-down menu will pop up, select View Page Source as highlighted in blue in the image below.

The source of the page will show up, now press Ctrl+F and a small search window will pop-up in the top right corner of the page. Type in rssurl and press enter, the RSS URL for the page should be highlighted within the 1st quotations as shown below, copy it
Follow the Instructions in the GIF below to get to the ' create a new campaign' section in ' RSS Feed to Social Media' 

Add your preferred  Campaign Name (for example, Youtube (space) campaign). Select a content category from the list of categories you have already created or if you wish to create them then click here, or you can skip if you do not wish to categorize it. Lastly, select the social account(s) you wish to post your automated RSS feeds to then click next for step 2.

In this step, you will paste the link that was copied from Youtube into the Feed URL box as shown below. If you lose your copied link then simply follow  steps 1-3, then return to this step and paste the copied link as mentioned. You can add CTAs and/or Hashtags as well, and you can alter the variations of the posts: using Post Titles + URL, Using ContentStudio AI to custom make post variations for you, or using the  meta description. Click on  next to proceed further.

In the last step, set the Update Frequency that you would like which will check on your youtube link and see if there are any new videos. Now you can set the sort and set the frequency of posts you wish to make when new posts are found in the youtube page that you linked: 
1) Post Immediately to directly post to your social accounts as soon as a new video is shared in the linked youtube channel as well as how many posts per feed update you wish to have.

2)Add to Queue to keep posts on queue for you to review before posting.


you can check your queued posts here after clicking Done

3) Add to Content Category if you selected content categories in step 5. This will automatically queue your posts according to the schedule set in the selected category.

Click Done and you should see your campaign set as shown in the image below.

Video guide

you can also watch this video guide for the above method:

Method 2: Creating YouTube RSS feed for Channel

Here are steps below to find any YouTube channel RSS Feed URL: 

Go to the YouTube channel and copy the YouTube channel ID. This will be the text after
For instance: the ID for ContentStudio's channel will be:  UC1KvOJONTXQBNDxbc1Uj0yw.

Open the YouTube Channel RSS Feed URL link:
Paste the YouTube channel ID after channel_id= in the YouTube Channel RSS Feed URL.

That's all! You now have RSS feed for a YouTube channel! Pretty simple, right?

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