Does ContentStudio post to Instagram Directly?

We finally have access to API access from Instagram, so you can post single/multiple images and videos directly to Instagram without any manual intervention.

However, the mobile notification method is still there to help you with other post formats (Carousels, IGTV, and Stories) that are not yet supported by the API. Please note that this limitation is not only for ContentStudio but for all the 3rd party tools available in the market.

Wait, do we still need the mobile notification method?

If you want to publish single/multiple images and videos posts to Instagram, you don’t need the mobile notification method.

But if you want to post Carousels, IGTV, or Stories to Instagram, you’ll still need the mobile notification method.

Instagram’s API is still in development and as they add more capabilities, we’ll support those in the ContentStudio platform. Gradually, the mobile notification method will phase out as we get more features in the API. 

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