Does ContentStudio post to Instagram Directly?

Our direct posting Instagram integration is in development. We are waiting for the API approval from the parent company Facebook as they have changed some policies and delayed the approval process. Once our application gets approved, we will have direct posting Instagram integration live.

Currently, you may schedule and automate posts for all of your Instagram accounts, however, you will need to approve a push-up notification right before scheduling time. On the other hand we have come up with a great temporary solution to this concern of yours. 
With our latest Zapier integration (this was primarily for the purpose of automating the setting where you need to approve it on your phone through the app before it is published) you can skip this entire push notification ordeal! Kindly follow this link for the step by step guide:

N.B: You may always go for the free Zapier subscription and thus automate up to 100 IG posts per month absolutely free!.

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