How to Integrate Shopify

Here's how to create and integrate Shopify App to ContentStudio:

Sign up for the Shopify partner program using this link:
After signup, you will be redirected to the Shopify partner dashboard. Go to the App section from the Dashboard.
In the App section, proceed to the option to Create app.

Select the custom app option.

Complete the general setting as well as redirection URLs.
Note:  You are  required to add this  redirection  URL for proper working:

App name: ContentStudio

App URL:

Whitelisted URL:

After completing all the required fields, agree to the Terms and conditions and click on C reate app to save changes. 
The app will be created and you will see the below page.

Copy the API key and API Secret key. 
Go to ContentStudio WebAppAdd your Shopify modal along with the store name to connect.

Note: The application that you create in Shopify will not be sent for approval by the Shopify team. The app will only be used by you and it is connected directly to your Shopify store.

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