How to Integrate Shopify

Follow the steps below to successfully integrate your Shopify account with ContentStudio:


Shopify requires a paid membership for its services, to learn more about their prices click here.

If you already have a Shopify Account

a) Open this link, type in your credentials and click on 'Log in'

b) Here in the General Section of your Account, click on the blue icon link in the shopifypartners chiclet shown in the image below to go to the Shopify Partners page. After that proceed to Step 3

Start with opening the Shopify partner program link. Fill in the necessary details in the boxes given and click on 'Create Account' to proceed. 

Please fill in all the relevant details for your business and then click on 'View your Dashboard'.

This is your dashboard, from here select the 'Apps' option in the left-hand menu, and then click on 'Create app->Custom app'. Follow the animated image below for further clarity.

Complete the General settings and the  Redirection URLs information as shown in the image below. Then, click on Create app to proceed

App name: ContentStudio

App URL:

Whitelisted URL:

Please generate a link by clicking on the ' Generate Link ' button. You will be redirected to a new page, where you must write the link to your Shopify store domain (e.g. in the box shown below. When finished click on  Generate link, and you will be provided with a link that you can share with your client.

Test the link!

Test the link to make sure it is working

Next, Copy the 'API key' and ' API secret key' shown below under the  API keys section. These will be used later in Step 8.

Go to ContentStudio WebApp. Navigate to  Settings > Blogs/Websites > Shopify.
Click on Connect a new Shopify store

Add your Shopify API key and API secret (copied in Step 6) along with the sub-domain name of your Shopify shop URL  (it is from the same URL you used in Step 5. The text highlighted in blue shows where the sub-domain name in the URL is) to connect. 

After getting redirected to Shopify, just click on Install app to finalize the connection.   

Your Shopify account should be successfully connected with ContentStudio now and can be seen under the Shopify table in the Blog Accounts page in ContentStudio.

Error: This app can't be installed using this link

If you get an error such as shown below, then follow these troubleshooting steps

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