Instagram Errors While Publishing

If you're facing an error while publishing to Instagram, please find the most frequent errors below with their solution:

Error 1:

Instagram account is not linked to Zapier


This indicates that the process for the Zapier Instagram Business connection with ContentStudio is incomplete. Please make sure that you have properly connected the account. Follow the steps here:

Error 2: 

The media type is not an image.


This integration only supports the posting of a single image. Multiple pictures, stories, videos, IGTVs are not supported due to API limitations. Please make sure that you post an image with the correct dimensions. 

Error 3:

There are more than one images


Please ensure that you only post a single image.

Error 4:

The image has an unsupported aspect ratio.


The images that you post on Instagram need to have this specific aspect ratio:

Portrait: 4:5

Square: 1:1

Landscape: 1.91:1

This image aspect ratio is a  compulsory requirement by Zapier in order to post on Instagram.

Error 5:

Your device is not registered


You have integrated Instagram from the web application but have not installed the mobile application due to which it is not registered. 

To receive push notifications for Instagram, you will have to install ContentStudio mobile application on your device.  
After that Go to the  Settings > Profile page. 

Click on the  Tap Here to Register

Congratulations! Your device is now registered.

Error 6:

Push Notification not enabled on Mobile Device


Make sure you have enabled the permission for the push notification for the ContentStudio Application. 

Click on the Push Notification icon, and afterward, click on  Notifications

Now select Allow Notifications

Once enabled, you will start receiving the notifications on a mobile device. 
Hurray! :) 

Another reason for the notification not going through is due to the Device being changed. This happens when you uninstall your application and re-install it again with the latest version from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. 

If you happen to re-install the application on your device, you will have to perform Solution 5 again to re-register it. 

Error 7:

Device not registered


If you are facing this error, please follow these steps:

Install the ContentStudio application on your mobile device and register it from there.
While registering a device, if you are getting an error of not able to register a device, please follow the below video: 

If you have performed the above steps but still not receiving a message for Instagram, please get in touch with Support.

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