How to Publish on Youtube via ContentStudio

You can now easily publish content to YouTube directly through ContentStudio. Follow this article to learn how.

Step 1: Start a Social Media Post


From your Dashboard, go to Publish->Composer->Social Media Post as shown in the image below.

Step 2: Compose your post


Select a Content Category if you have made one already (PURPLE).

Select your Youtube Account (GREEN).

Compose the video description for your video and add your media by clicking on the 'video camera icon'  (RED).

Next, select your YouTube Options here.

Write a title for your post, and then select whether this video is open to the public or is private (PURPLE).

Select a category, playlist and tags if needed, then select the licencing option for this post . (GREEN).

Here are 3 checkboxes that add additional features to your post. Check the boxes as needed. (RED).

Select when to publish this post and then click on Add to Queue to proceed. Check the Needs Approval checkbox if necessary (BLUE).

Step 3: Checking your post


After adding to the queue, you should be redirected to the main Composer page where your recently posted content will be shown. It may take some time before the post is successfully published which will be shown under the Status. Check the image below for reference

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