How to Repeat posts with Social Composer

Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, youtube, GMB, LinkedIn. Supported, Twitter not supported

ContentStudio makes it simple to repeat posts as you compose with the click of a button. Follow these simple steps to learn how.

Step 1: Start the Composer

Start to compose by clicking on Social Media Post in the Composer section under the Publish tab

Step 2: Compose a post

Set up a post of your choice and select the relevant platform(s), category, text, media, etc. Once done, select Post Now or Schedule

Step 3: Set the Repetition

You will be provided with an option to repeat this post, select Yes, Multiple Times and set the desired number of repetitions and its intervals (Hour(s), Day(s), Week(s), Month(s)). A sample time will be shown for you in green (check the image below). Select the option Needs Approval for this post as desired and click on Post Now

If you selected the Schedule option, you will be shown an additional setting shown in the image below. Set it as required.

You will have successfully set your post on repetition.

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