How Social Inbox going to help Android users.

Content Studio has finally introduced the much-awaited Social Inbox feature for the android app.

Previously we have this feature only for the web app. The Content Studio android app lets you handle conversations from Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook on your mobile. With this, you can give support to your customers faster and have a more successful conversation without worrying to start your PC or laptop.

Social inbox works exactly the same on android devices as it works on the web application. The only limitation we have right now is that the web app handles two types of customer interactions; conversations and Posts but with the help of the android app you can only handle conversations for Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for now.

Below are some of the social inbox features within the android app:

1- By hovering over to the inbox section on your mobile you can see the list of your inbox chat as shown in the image below.

2- Above the inbox chat you can see the list of  tabs that include: unassigned, Mine, Assigned, Marked as done, Archived, and All. You can go through this doc to know their exact functions.

3- At the  top right corner, you can simply click on the icon highlighted in the red color to filter your accounts based on your needs.

It will show all of your connected accounts as shown in the image, and you can select the accounts that you need by clicking on them.

4- You can also  search for conversations in the inbox chat. But do note that conversations are only searched on the basis of username.

5- It can archive and mark your chat as done by clicking on the subsequent options.

6- You can also link your account and view the various chats on Facebook and Twitter.

7- You can also send and receive messages and images (from Camera and gallery) as shown in the below images.


You can only handle conversations in the mobile app, while on the web application you can handle both types of customer Interactions i.e posts and conversations.

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