Filter posts in planner

Planner module lets you view all your scheduled, planned, and published content. To organize your content, you can apply filters to monitor all the posts. 

In this article, we have discussed each filter briefly.

Sign in to your ContentStudio Account. Locate Publish on the navigation bar and click on it. Click on Planner.

Filter by Accounts

You can select accounts from your connected social channels to limit the posts for these accounts only. This filter helps you specify the posts for each channel and draws a clearer picture for you. 

On the upper left corner of this screen, you'll find the section where all your connected accounts will appear. Select those accounts for which you want to view your posts.

Filter by Type

You can also filter your posts by the campaign type for your posts. This list contains all the type of campaigns that you have created with your account. For example, all your automation posts, queued posts, Repeat posts, and bulk upload posts etc.

Filter by Members

You may have different team members managing your brands for you. Easily assess each of the team members by supervising their activities.

Filter by Labels

In case if you're handling multiple brands and campaigns from your account, you can create specific labels for your posts while composing your posts using the 'Discovery' or 'Composer' module. Filter out all the label specific and regulate the complexity of your campaigns.

Filter by Status

You can also filter your posts status-wise. Each status type is assigned a color which also appears with each individual post in the list/ calendar view of your posts. Below are the categories

  • Scheduled: Scheduled posts are assigned the orange color. These are all the pending posts that are planned for your accounts.
  • Published: All the pending posts that are published on your social channels, appear with a green bar on your social calendar. 
  • Failed: All such posts that, for some reason, fail to publish fall in this category with a red tag on them. You can view your post and reschedule it for your channels.
  • Under Review: While composing a post, if the team member chooses the option "I'd like to review before it is published", the posts go in the Under review section. These posts get reviewed by the super-admin and get published in case if they approve them.
  • Missed Review: If the super-admin forgets to review the posts with "Under review" tag, all such posts appear with a blue "Missed Review" tag.
  • Rejected: As you know a person having higher authority can reject or approve all the posts. All the rejected posts appear with a soft red tag.
  • Draft: All the unscheduled posts are saved as a draft and can be viewed by selecting this filter.

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