Publishing & scheduling to Instagram using ContentStudio Mobile App

With our mobile app, you can now schedule Instagram posts for all your pages.

ContentStudio 2.0 embraces you with an Instagram scheduling capability along with other social media platforms to schedule all type of content. The content may consist of:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • GIFs

Important Tip:

To be able to post to Instagram through the in-App Notifications you need to ensure that you have 3 things:

  1. Push Notifications are "ON" under Notifications settings on your mobile device for the ContentStudio App
  2. Ensure you have selected your user account(s) under the Instagram Service
  3. Finally, ensure you are logged on to the same account on the ContentStudio App

Schedule and Publish Content to Instagram

You can increase the Instagram engagement by composing your images or videos. For this purpose:


You need to write a post on a ContentStudio platform or a mobile app.

Instagram posting - ContentStudio


Going ahead, you are required to choose your Instagram account and press Done.

ContentStudio app

You can also add an image or a video which is relevant to your content by clicking on the  Camera icon placed on the left bottom corner.

After adding images or video from the photo library click on  ‘Post now’ and you’ll get notified when your post has added.

Instagram posting - ContentStudio


Tap on the  Notification, which is shown on top of your mobile screen or any registered device.

Uploading pictures on Instagram


After clicking on it, the following screen will appear, which ask you to decline the post or post it now on your Instagram account. So, you have to click on the Post Now button


At this point, your message or caption is copied to the clipboard. Besides, you are also able to select the type of post as your Instagram story or feed and paste the caption there to compose your post on your Instagram account.

From here onwards your normal Instagram posting process will begin.

If you press "Decline" the app will navigate to "Planner", towards rejected posts.

Missed Notifications

If you have not performed any action on a post, it will be intact under the pending Instagram notification section. Following are the steps which will show you the pending notification and you can approve them later to be posted.


Hover over to the workspace on the left corner side and click on the Insta Notifications.


Here you will see all the pending Instagram posts. Select the one you want to post and click "Post Now" as shown below.


Click on the "Post Now" and you will be navigated to "Post to Instagram Screen".


Select the post type either you want to post it as your Instagram story or feed. Paste the caption and to compose your post on your Instagram account.

From here onwards your normal Instagram posting process will begin. 
If your Instagram notification fails, read the below article for diagnosis.

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