Publishing & scheduling to Instagram through push notifications

ContentStudio 2.0 embraces you with an Instagram scheduling capability along with other social media platforms to schedule all type of content. The content may consist of:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • GIFs

Important Tip

To be able to post to Instagram through the in-App Notifications you need to ensure that you have 3 things:

  1. Push Notifications are "ON" under Notifications settings on your mobile device for the ContentStudio App
  2. Ensure you have selected your user account(s) under the Instagram Service
  3. Finally, ensure you are logged on to the same account on the ContentStudio App

Schedule Content via ContentStudio Web Application

Create a post in the Social Media Post Composer for your Instagram accounts and select the profiles for which you want to schedule it. If you want to see how your post would actually look like after being published, you can click on the preview button. Then the next thing is selecting the time of your post. You could either post it right away or schedule it for some other time. 

If you have selected to Post it now, you'll be notified that your post has been processed to publish now.

And, if you've scheduled your post for some other date and time, you'll receive a notification that the post has been added to the schedule.

Posting via Push Notifications

Whatever time you choose to schedule your post on Instagram, at that time you will receive a notification on your device where your ContentStudio Mobile app is registered. (As shown in the image below)

Click on the notification and you will be taken to the application where your designed post will appear in the App. 


One thing to take care of here is that if you have signed in with multiple Instagram accounts, you have to switch and select the target account before clicking the notification

Click on Post Now and you will be asked to share your post either as an Instagram Feed or a Story. Once you choose the desired option, your image will open up in the Instagram application. Where you can edit your image as you like. 

Meanwhile, your text would be copied to the clipboard and when you're done editing, you can paste the text as the appropriate caption for your post. Your text will be pasted and now you can share this post to your Instagram profile. (Refer to the image below)

Why all this hustle?

Instagram restricts any third-party service providers to post directly or add comments on Instagram. You can schedule posts for Instagram, but in order to publish them, you'd have to follow the process explained above. 

Some tools do provide automated posting on Instagram, but that is against Instagram's Terms of Service and that is risky as well as an unethical workaround. Nonetheless, some tools, being their partners, do ethically let you automate your posts on Instagram. We're currently investigating ways on how we can achieve this without violating their TOS.

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