What is the difference between Content Categories' Queue Slots and Social Queues

What are Social Queues?

A social queue is a custom-made schedule for a specific social channel. For every page or group that you connect with your workspace, you can create these queues. You can create a weekly plan to schedule all of your posts according to it. This entirely depends on the way you interact with your audience and on the time when you get the maximum engagement value from them.

To create the social queues, go to your account settings and for each connected account, create a queue. As shown below.

Once you have created the queue, you can add any type of content (video, gifs, articles, or quotes, etc) in this queue while browsing the discovery module. As shown below.

What are the queues in Content Categories?

The need for creating a separate category for different types of content is to differentiate the nature of the posts. You can add a similar kind of content in its relevant category's queue. That way, you'll be able to maintain the uniformity of your posts on your social channel.

For example, let's say you have assigned the type of content you publish on each day of the week. You post a motivational quote on Monday, industry news on Tuesday, some entertaining video on Wednesday, updates related to your product on Thursday, and so on.

Now, to help you manage this kind of plan, we have introduced content categories. You can create categories and add content to their queues to be automatically scheduled for your social channels. And the best thing is, you can run this queue on different social channels. So, instead of individually planning posts for each channel, you can now create a category and add content to it.

The following table will help you understand the difference between these two features

Social Queues

Queues in Content Categories

  • You can create a single social queue for only one account at a time.
  • You can create a queue for a single content category containing multiple social accounts at a time. 
  • You can add any type of content in your social queue; be it a video, an image, a quote, or a link to an external source
  • Ideally, you create categories for a similar type of content. You can add category related content in these queues.
  • If your social campaigns don't require a peculiar publishing pattern, then schedule your posts for your social queues.
  • To observe a defined publishing pattern for each day, add your content in your categories' queues.
  • You can create basic promotional campaigns by adding content in your social queues.
  • You can manage and keep track of multiple promotional campaigns for your social channels by adding content in these queues.
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