How To Tag Your Conversations in Social Inbox

Tags are like badges or identifiers for each conversation. These not only help to sort the conversations but also provide analytical information about what type of interactions are most common on your page.

You can create intelligent tags and assign them to the conversations. 

Scroll the left-most toolbar to the end to see the tags you had previously created. Click on any of them to load the conversation where the tag was placed. 

How to Create New Tags

 In your Social Inbox, select a customer's message

Navigate to system settings in the top right corner of your screen and scroll down to the Tags section. 

When you click on " Add a New Tag", you can see all the tags that you have previously created. You can also create new tags depending upon your needs. Select the color that most suits your tag.

You can also assign a contact to a tag, or multiple tags. Select the relevant tags and click "Assign".

Finally and more importantly, you can merge two or more existing tags. Merging two tags helps you search within two categories at the same time.

Take for example you have two tags, Bugs and Follow-up. If you want to search for messages from all customers who were experiencing a bug you need to follow up with, you can merge these two tags in settings and search all conversations from your business page.

Here's a gif to make things easier:

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