What is an access token and how to refresh an expired token?

What is access token expiry and what does 'expiring in X days' mean?

If your Social Account in ContentStudio is disconnected, then publishing, moderation, and analyzing content for your page and account will come to a halt. That is why make sure that all your social accounts' access is authorized. When you authorize a page, the  access token is automatically created. 

Each social media platform's authorization has a different expiration date. For instance, Linkedin has 60 days and Facebook has 90 days limit. Conversely, other networks do not have any expiration time. 

You can confirm your expiration date anytime by going to Settings > WorkSpace Settings > Social Accounts. Then simply look under the Token Status to learn the expiration date of your accounts token.

(This means ContentStudio has access to your social networks for 39 days. You will need to reconnect within this time period to extend the token validity.)

Why is it needed?

While ContentStudio itself may require a refresh of account tokens due to long periods of inactivity, social platforms like Facebook have their own safety precautions due to which tokens for certain platforms have different expiration dates. 

How will users be notified before a token expires?

Users are notified via email and in-app notifications,  7 days before the token expires. 
Also, if your token for a social media channel has expired, you will get a pop-up notification like this.

How can I reconnect an access token?

In any case, if you need to reconnect your account, here's what to do:

 Proceed to Social Accounts in Workspace Settings.

     Click on  Reconnect under  Token Status. Check the image below to know where it is.

  Allow Authorization by logging into your social network's account and allowing ContentStudio access to the social network.
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