How to Share Posts for Approval with a Public Link

Finally, Content Studio can share posts via shareable links for external reviews from your clients or managers without logging in to the tool.

Step 1

You can just navigate to the planner.

Step 2

Select the posts and click on the bulk action button, as seen in the screenshot.

Step 3

After that, click on the share button, and a pop-up will appear

Step 4

Enter your share link name and password

Step 5

Copy the link into the new tab

Step 6

It will require a password as we’ve added the capability to password-protect the link, making it more secure as it will be accessible by anyone on the internet. Click on authenticate

Step 7

And you'll see all of your posts there.

Step 8

Enter the required details to approve, reject, or comment on the posts, then click 'confirm'.

Step 9

Go back to the planner and refresh your page.

Step 10

Click on the three dots by hovering over any post, then click on more action, and finally, click on comments.

Step 11

Shared links can be managed in the top right corner under the media library.

Step 12

If you click on the shared links button, you will always be able to delete, edit, duplicate, and disable the link.

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