How to Directly Publish to Instagram via Zapier

The long-awaited direct publishing to Instagram update is finally here! 

Here are the steps to follow to connect your Business Instagram account to ContentStudio through Zapier. This integration will allow you to publish single-image posts directly without the need for a push reminder. 

Before we get started, make sure that you have:

ContentStudio account. Login to your account. If you haven't already subscribed to a plan, then do it here.

Zapier account. You can create your Zapier account here if you don't have one already. 
Instagram Business account. Make sure that your Instagram account is connected to your Facebook account

Note: You should be an owner/admin of the Facebook Page which is linked to the Instagram Business Profile to enable direct publishing through this method. 

Before you set it up, please remember: 

  • The scheduled post can take at least ten minutes (depending upon your plan with Zapier) to show up on Instagram.
  • Multiple pictures, videos, IGTVs are not supported.
  • The images that you post on Instagram need to have this specific aspect ratio:

Portrait: 4:5

Square: 1:1

Landscape: 1.91:1 

This image aspect ratio is a  compulsory requirement by Zapier in order to post directly on Instagram.

Let's get started:

Part A: Making A Zap

Create an account on Zapier. Skip this step if you already have an account with Zapier.   

In the dashboard, click on " Make a Zap" on the left-hand side menu.

Note: You can have multiple free Zapier accounts for distributing your Instagram accounts in multiple Zapier accounts if you don't want to upgrade Zapier. Conversely, you can make 5 Zaps for 5 Instagram accounts. 
In this newly opened window, search up ContentStudio from the list of available applications.

Choose ContentStudio from the list of applications and choose " A Post Is Ready to Publish" as a triggered event.

Click on Continue.
Sign in with your ContentStudio account. Authorize Zapier to access your ContentStudio account and then click Continue

Select Instagram from the dropdown menu in the Customize post section in Platform Type. Choose the respective workspace and the Instagram social account. 

Click on the Test trigger to make sure everything is set up well.

Zapier will try to test the trigger. If you already have a recent post pending, it will display that information. However, if you do not have a post, and get an error, please press on  Skip Test.

You will see a default post, like below. Please press Continue.

Congratulations! That's all from the trigger part! :)

Part B: Connecting Instagram

Moving on, search for Instagram for Business (Beta) under "Choose app and event" and select it. After that, choose " Publish Photo" as an action event and press continue.

Connect your Instagram Business account in the dropdown menu. You can enter the credentials of your Facebook account which is linked to your Instagram account. Once you log in, and it is connected, you will see your connected account, as shown below:

Select the appropriate Instagram account from the drop-down menu in Customize Media. 

Now, make sure you fill all the relevant details. Select the  Image URL from the given dropdown menu.

Click on the Caption box and select Post Caption.

Select Tagged Users from the dropdown menu. Add location. (This is optional)

After proceeding, you can press Test & Continue. This will post a sample image on Instagram. You can press Skip Test to avoid posting. 

Most importantly, Turn on your Zap. You can even rename it and share it with your colleagues!

Part C: Publishing from ContentStudio

Head back to ContentStudio. 
Create a Single Image post for your Instagram that you have connected to Zapier.
Publish and schedule the posts. You can also add the posts to the queue.
Sit back, and relax!

Bonus Tip:

You can even view your posting through Zapier's Task History section:

Here's a gif:

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