How to post through Zapier?

With the help of ContentStudio, now you can publish your post through Zapier.

Here are some guidelines to help you understand how you can publish posts through Zapier. 

  1. Login to your ContentStudio account.
  2. Hover over 'Publish' in the navigation bar and select 'Composer' from the drop menu. 

  3. On the next screen, you will see two options which are Social media post and Blog post. Click On 'Social Media Post'.

  4. Now, you need to select your Instagram accountcompose a post, and upload an image you'd like to post.

    P.S:  Make sure you have select "Zapier"  as your Instagram publishing method. In any case, you couldn't select the option or might be not clickable which means your account is either not connected to Zapier or that the requirements mentioned below are not fulfilled.

  5. Requirements:

    There are a few things that are quite essential to make sure a post is successfully posted via Zapier.

    • Multiple pictures, videos, IGTVs are not supported.

    • The images that you post on Instagram need to have this specific aspect ratio:

      Portrait: 4:5

      Square: 1:1

    Landscape: 1.91:1 

    This image aspect ratio is a compulsory requirement by Zapier in order to post directly on Instagram.

  6. After composing a post, select Zapier as the Instagram publishing method. In our case, I'm going to post it now. So I'll click on 'Post now'.


  • Zapier fetches the posts data from ContentStudio via API, and the data fetch can take from 1 to 5 mins depending on the user's Zapier account.
  • While the data hasn't been picked up from Zapier, the Planner would show the post as "Scheduled [Pending execution from Zapier]]"
  • As soon as the data is fetched from Zapier, the status is changed into "Published (Zapier)
  • The Status"Published (Zapier)" does not confirm that the post has actually been posted. It means that the post was picked up by Zapier. There is a slight, but possible chance that Zapier failed to publish the post when they attempted to on Instagram. The success or fail status of each Zap is shown in the "Zap History" section.

  • If you're facing an error while publishing to Instagram through Zapier, please follow this guideline to find the most frequent errors with their solution:

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